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Backstamp Dating

On this page we've listed backstamp dating guides for many brands we deal in. If you want to do a quick search, press CTRL on your keyboard, followed by "F".  (Apple + F for Macs) A box will pop up and you can enter the search term. If you are looking for Lladro, for example, type that in the box and it will bring you to the spot on the page.
We try very hard to give credit to site's information that we show, but occasionally our buyers send us information, so if there is anything that needs to be linked, just let us know!

Hummel/Goebel TMK (trademark) Backstamp Dating Guide:

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Variations: The TMK 6 variation isn't shown below, but it's the same as above with the addition of a small copyright symbol.

The following was found on:
After World War II ended the United States Occupation Forces allowed Goebel to begin exporting figurines. Many variations exist for this stamp, but all were marked "US Zone," signifying that the figurines were made in the occupied zone of Germany. All these marks should be treated as TMK1 (or Crown) marks.

 Lladro Markings (logotypes)

This guide comes directly from The Prudent Collector who owns the copyright for the below photos and description:
The first Lladro trademark was impressed into the porcelain. This mark was used from approximately 1960 to 1963.

The second Lladro logo was also impressed into the porcelain. This trademark was used from approximately 1965 to 1970.

 The third Lladro mark was changed to a blue backstamp which featured the now famous Lladro bellflower. This trademark was used from about 1971 to 1974. The missing accent over the letter "o" was intentional.

The fourth Lladro marking or backstamp was used from approximately 1974 to 1977. The accent was added as well as a trademark sign.

The fifth Lladro stamp was used from around 1977 to 1984. It added the copyright acronym DAISA which stands for Disenos Artisticos E Industriales, S.A.

The sixth Lladro backstamped logo added a copyright date and was used from about 1984 to 1989.

The seventh Lladro marking was introduced in 1990 and is still currently in use. It featured a revised bell flower logo and typeface.

Another Lladro backstamp that you'll see from time to time is the Lladro Collectors Society mark. These are used on "Members Only" figurines.

 Beatrix Potter's Beswick Figurines
This great backstamp guide was found on

Royal Doulton acquired the Beswick Name in 1969 and discontinued using it in 2003
(There could be others, but these are the ones we most commonly see) 

Beswick Gold Circle
The words "Beswick England" are written in a circle 
Gold lettering

Issued 1948 - 1954


Beswick Gold Oval
The words "Beswick England" are written in a oval shape
Gold lettering

Issued 1955 - 1972

All wording is in brown
There is no copyright date

Issued 1973 - 1974




Beswick Brownline
All wording is in brown

Copyright date is included
Issued 1974 - 1985


Beswick Brownline
All wording is in brown
No "s" on Potter; words "Licensed by Copyrights" added

Issued 1985 - 1988

John Beswick Signature added
All wording is in brown
Issued 1988 - 1989


BP6a and 6b
Royal Albert Brown Crown
6a issued with small crown - 6b with larger crown
Issued 1989 - 1998



Beswick Ware Brown Script
All wording in brown
Issued 1998 only



Limited Edition Backstamp
A modification of 8a and designed for limited edition figurines
Issued 1998 only



Beswick Gold Script
Found on 6 figurines made with gold accents
Issued 1997 - 1998



Peter Rabbit and Friends LImited Editions. A modification of 9b found on limited edition figures with gold accents. Issued by Peter Rabbit and Friends
Issued 1997-1998





Beswick Black Circle
A modification of 10a necessitated by base restrictions
Issued 1998 - 2002



Beswick Black Arch
A modification of 10a necessitated by base restrictions
Issued 1998 - 2002


Besick Black Circle
A modification of 10a necessitated by base restrictions
Issued 1998 - 2002




John Beswick Signature
General Backstamp issue
Issued 2001 - 2002





John Beswick Signature
Limited/Special Edition backstamp
Issued 2001 - 2002





Royal Doulton Backstamps 

1879-1902       1885-1902       1902-1956        1922-1956          1922-1927






 1932-present     c. 1960-present    

The difference between this and the 1902-1956 mark is noted in the lion and in the length of the lines between "Royal Doulton" and "England."




Meissen Backstamps
These are the ones we most typically see.
Beware of imitation Meissen.  Imitators began copying Meissen's designs since the beginning.  You can not rely on marks alone. Knowing where and how the piece was obtained (provenance) will help.

1722-1725        1720-1740

                                        1722-1763         1763-1773

                                        1774-1813         1817-1823

                                        1823-1923          1924-1934


  Anri Logos and Dating (Pre-1970)
anrilogo anrilogo2 anrilogo3
anrilogo4 anrilogo5 anrilogo6




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