Want info about your

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We wrote a realistic Precious
Moments Price Guide
. with up to date prices that you can
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You can buy it in e-book form (meaning you get to download it right to
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This book has been produced independently of Precious Moments by way of the Fair Use Doctrine, so
you can be sure the prices are realistic!

Why should you buy our book?

We sell antiques and collectibles
all day long. We are very familiar with the market and these prices are
taken directly from recent prices realized. We've written other
realistic guides for Hummel, Royal Doulton, and Co-Boy Gnomes. Here's
some of the feedback we've received:

Hummel Book: "This was
exactly what i was looking for. I also bought their co-boy gnome guide.
I was seeking prices that were based in reality, and this book
delivered. I was able to sell some of my collection on ebay for the
ranges they list. It has nearly all the hummels i needed, an if there
was one or two they didn't have, i emailed them and they were happy to
help me find a price! i truly recommend this book!" - C. Barone

Royal Doulton Book: "This is exactly
what I was looking for. I didn't need a million pictures, just prices!
It has over 500 figurines listed, and my whole collection was included.
The prices are accurate. They even give you their e-mail in case there
is something you have question on that isn't covered in the guide,
which I thought was a really nice added touch. A very happy customer
:-)" -R. Kurian


To buy the paperback version for $22.00, click here!