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Why use eBay with us?

If you've visited our Consignment Services page, you know that we sell most of these items on eBay.  Why, you might, ask, couldn't I just sell it myself? This page is dedicated to show you why allowing us to eBay your collection will bring you the same, or better, as you eBaying yourself, but without all the effort. 

First of all, eBay has become stricter about who can sell using its marketplace. If you do not maintain a certain Detailed Seller Rating (the stars next to feedback), you will not be allowed to sell on ebay. Feedback is also an issue. Bidders like to stick to sellers with a reputation. If you try to sell your collection and are starting with few or zero feedbacks, the prices just aren't going to rise.

Photo quality is also important. See the difference below between our photos and amateur ebayers. A good photo could add a lot of money to the final bid!

Then, there's the questions... you'd better know your stuff if you want to get top dollar on ebay. Bidders aren't shy about asking :-). And of course, there's the shipping. We have a department that handles fragile and collectible pieces all day long. The sale isn't complete until the high bidder recieves it in good order.

Bottom line... inexperienced sellers get lower prices. In fact, we regularly purchase items on ebay that are poorly listed. We are able to resell these items for a profit :-).

Please see below for a couple of comparisons pulled directly from ebay. We show hummels because they are very easy to draw comparisons. Many items we sell are so rare and unique that it's difficult to find other sellers!

Blessed Event, Hummel, Our $137.50


Easter Time, Hummel, Ours $90.00

Friends, Hummel, Ours $474.00


Person with zero feedbacks$66.00

Person with 30 feedbacks, $49.75

      Person with lots of feedbacks, who doesn't specialize in collectibles, $250.99



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94C Cherry Valley Ave
West Hempstead, NY 11552

ph: 516-489-6004